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What is dogging?

what is dogging

Dogging FAQ's

  Dogging explained

Dogging is all about public sex acts!

This can mean you either participate in the act of sex in public or you observe the sex taking place!

The sex usually takes place in a car or outdoors and car parks are a very common dogging location. It is not unusual to see women giving men blow jobs in public whilst there are other onlookers, waiting their turn!

dogging car park location

In the majority of cases couples drive to a dogging location and the girl then has sex with complete strangers (public swinging), while others watch and usually they eventually join in.

The men love to watch their girl friends or wives get fucked by as many men as possible and in particular love to see them perform blow jobs! The girls are complete sex maniacs or should I say Nymphomaniacs!

Dogging is very voyeuristic in nature, and there are some 'participants' that just enjoy watching.

It is common practice for participants (whether they want to watch or are joining in) to be invited by the present participants to join in the action. These invites are subject to the girls approval of the men concerned and sexual attraction. However, don't feel that you need to be a complete stud to be able to join in, because that just ain' t so!

However, there is a certain amount of etiquette that you only join in, if you are invited to do so - you don't want to end up in a fight and if you are patient and wait your turn you could be getting some exciting FREE sex in a public place.

It is most usual for doggers to use remote locations, and often at night, which is why it is useful to use web sites such as filthychat to make contact with doggers in your area and to find the local dogging locations.

dogger girl in park

Why is it called 'dogging'?

It is thought to come from the phrase "walking the dog", in an effort to explain your outdoors 'adventure', without giving the game away.

Dogging is a craze that has swept the UK and is starting to spring up in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, and many parts of Europe - it seems to be particularly popular in Scotland, for some reason and we receive more Scottish callers than any where else in the UK.

We have a section of this site designated to dogging, information on dogging, and information for those interested in joining in or participating in some way. So please enjoy and be safe!

Dogging FAQ's

1. Scottish Dogging locations
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dogging locations map
2. Northern England dogging
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3. East England dogging UK
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4. Midlands dogging locations
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5. Wales Dogging locations
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6. East Anglia Dogging UK
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7. South East England Dogging
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8. South West England dogging
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So where are you looking for dogging sites (Dogging Scotland, England and Wales)? We have lines that will connect you to doggers in your area tonight with the following counties, as an example:

Meet a dogger in a City near you - here are a few towns you might like to find one:

Meet a dogger in a town near you:


British, Welsh & Scottish Hotspots

Swinging dogging, dogging Essex, dogging in London, dogging car parks and dogging sex UK are all search terms used to find a location near you for public sex acts.




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